Thunderwolves Baseball Scout Day

Thunderwolves PBR Events

Scout Day – August, 2024

Where: Location TBD

PBR Baseball is the leading resource for high school baseball coverage. PBR provides in-depth scouting reports, player rankings, and college recruiting information for high school baseball players across the country. PBR also produces a weekly podcast, The PBR Show, which features interviews with top high school and college baseball coaches. In addition, PBR runs the PBR Academy, a training ground for aspiring high school and collegiate baseball players. PBR is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Thunderwolves Baseball will be running, in conjunction with PBR NY, two scout days per year (Summer / Winter).

This partnership allows us the opportunity to give our student-athletes the best recruiting/exposure opportunities, while allowing them the best opportunities to participate in such events as the New York State Games, the Futures Games, and the Jr. Futures Games!

Additionally, this opportunity allows us to track development from PBR’s verified metrics over the course of a student-athletes Thunderwolves Baseball career, by building development plans to tailor each individua’s needs. We are super excited about this partnership and the opportunities that it will present our program.