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About The National Program

Thunderwolves Baseball is a youth and high school baseball organization that prides itself on being known for providing top-tier coaches, competitive teams, and exceptional value to players/families.

We are excited about the establishment of our National Program beginning in the Fall of 2022 as we continue to advance exposure opportunities for our players/families, building upon an already strong reputation for advancing players to the next level.

Division I schools are recruiting student-athletes between their freshman -and- junior years of high school, our National Team is developed to put our athletes who possess the qualifying tools on a platform early enough to showcase their ability at the highest levels of college baseball.

Our National Team competes in the top tier Perfect Game tournaments during the fall and summer, including the WWBA Underclass World Championships (Ft. Myers, FL), BCS National Championships (Ft. Myers, FL), and the WWBA National Championships (Marietta, GA).


Our program is built on attitude and effort, with a high level of importance on character (both on and off the field). It is a privilege to play in our program and on our National Team, and with that privilege comes the expectation of playing the game with class and respect.

Key measurable skills for high school juniors

Elite D1 Ht/Wt 60 yd dash Pos. Velo Exit Velo Pop Time FB Velo
SS 6’0/180 6.87 88 88 XX XX
OF 6’2/190 6.74 90 93 XX XX
C 5’11/200 7.28 78 93 1.9 XX
RHP 6’2/200 XX XX XX XX 88-91
LHP 6’1/193 XX XX XX XX 86-89
Mid Major D1 Ht/Wt 60 yd dash Pos. Velo Exit Velo Pop Time FB Velo
SS 5’11/172 7.04 85 89 XX XX
OF 6’0/174 7.06 84 90 XX XX
C 5’11/190 7.33 78 91 2 XX
RHP 6’1/185 XX XX XX XX 86-88
LHP 6’1/178 XX XX XX XX 82-85

“Not only is it important to us that we aid in helping each individual find the right college fit, but it’s equally important that they be prepared for the challenges that those opportunities present.”
Jeff Ziemecki – President of Baseball Operations

Future Schedules!

Summer 2024

2026 graduates


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Perfect Game WWBA National Championship

TBA Marietta, GA


Fall 2024

wwba world championship

PGWWBA - Sophomore World Championship

September 19-22, 2024

wwba world championship

PGWWBA - Underclass World Championship

September 26-29, 2024